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Obiettivi e Trofei
Football Drama
Bastet The Cat
This cat is the mirror of your soul!
The President
The owner of the club is not an easy guy...
My First Goal
You scored the first goal!
First Opponents' Goal
Your opponent scored!
Won First Match
You won your first metch!
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Obiettivi e Trofei
Crying Suns
The Shutdown
Learn about the Shutdown with Bowie
Jeef Skeejj
Beat sector 1 Boss
Careful planning
Win an expedition without any commando loss
Second Coming
First awakening dialog played
Jeef Skagg
Beat sector 2 Boss
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Obiettivi e Trofei
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution
Forth to the past
Complete the first Egypt level.
There can be only one!
Kill the Highlander in Valley of the Kings.
With our powers combined
All Elementals acquired.
The talk of parties
Defeat the giant lava golem.
No Fridge to Hide
Obtain the Crystal Skull.
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Obiettivi e Trofei
MASS Builder
Fashion enthusiast
Built 100 Armors
Padding your base
Built 50 Armors
Earning Changes
Collected 100 Credits
Completing a challenge
26 missions completed in at least hard difficulty
Bring me spare ammo!
100 Items collected
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